Friday, October 14, 2011

Band flyer.

Alright, I'm back... sort of.

I really haven't had any time to update the blog, but, luckily, that seems to be changing. I think I can spare a few minutes every now and then to share some of the jobs I've been working on.

To retake the previous trend, here is a flyer I made for my father's musical agency. The band used to do the designs themselves and, to be honest, they were bad.

The photograph on the background is not mine. I'd like to give proper credits to the photographer but, as it is, it's just the pic of a piano I found on google. I played with the levels a bit, darkened some areas so the text could be easily read.

I also completely remade the band's logo (that spiral thingy with notes) without being too disrespectful to the original image. I used some impacting font for the band name, added "night-live" colors, some elegant font for the subtitle and contact numbers, and bam! It was done.

Perhaps later I'll explain how I did the logo.
I hope I still have some interested readers around. :P


  1. I'm around... and interested. :3

  2. It's a nice flyer, better than what I could do